After the successful completion of matric, the most important thing for the students to do is the selection of intermediate group in which they wish to get the admission keeping in view the marks of their matriculation exams.

There are different groups in intermediate level and the students have to choose one group to study according to their interest. These groups includes

1.       ICS

2.       I.Com

3.       FSc (Pre-engineering)

4.       FSc (Pre-medical)

5.       General Science

6.       Humanities

7.       Fine Arts

Humanities comes in arts category and the students of both arts and science are permitted choose this group for study. At intermediate level students have are required to study four compulsory and three elective subjects of humanities group comprising of total 1100 marks (both inter part 1 & 2). After intermediate level students can also choose humanities as their major for their further studies.

Here we have provided a complete list of humanities courses and programs in Pakistan offered by well-known colleges. You can also get a complete listing of best colleges in Pakistan here.

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